Information systems for the preparation and holding of the XXIX World Winter Student Games 2019 in Krasnoyarsk
To develop a set of systems for automating the Student Games in Krasnoyarsk.

It is very difficult to hold a public sports event, especially such a major one as the international Student Games. In order for all planned activities to be completed on time, it is necessary to coordinate the work of a large number of teams and people.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media has decided to create a unified information system with modules that automate the management of processes, for example: portal, accreditation, catering, volunteer management, accommodation, contracts, directorate resources, etc.
  • To develop automated systems for the Student Games
  • To prepare design documentation for the developed systems in accordance with GOST 34 series
  • To elaborate the development of systems until 2019
Project tasks:
In 3 months we have developed 13 systems and designed 2. This became possible due to the large expertise accumulated in the development of such systems.
For example, earlier the directorate used excel-files to register volunteers and keep track of them. And now there is a system where volunteers can register, employees can interview them, assign them to events, and receive analytical reports. The same goes for other systems. We have developed a lot of separate systems, from which it is possible to collect solutions used in different fields. For example, after spending a little time and making small adjustments, these modules can be used to assemble an Event Management system for holding any events, not just sports ones.
After the implementation of our systems, it has become much easier for the directorate of the Student Games to manage the events.
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