Adaptation of an ERP system based on Oracle E-Business Suite
To transfer the financial and logical direction of MCTN (Moscow City Telephone Network) from the existing SAP ERP system to the MTS OeBS system.

MTS Group includes Moscow City Telephone Network OJSC, which provides broadband Internet access, digital television, mobile communications, local telephone communications, video surveillance, security alarm systems and other services in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

In 2014, MTS transferred fixed networks to MCTN in the Moscow Region to improve the quality of services for subscribers.

In addition, the company planned to create a multi-service operator in Moscow in order to increase voice traffic and reduce the loss of fixed-line telephony subscribers.
For these projects, it was important to manage the business processes of both companies in one space, namely, to integrate MCTN into the target MTS OeBS system.
Project tasks:
  • Develop a strategy for integrating MCTN into MTS OeBS
  • Complete the integration of MCTN business processes in accordance with the business processes of the target system
  • Collect requirements for identified gaps in business processes
  • Combine reference books of the SAP accounting system with OeBS reference books
  • Download the required data to the MTS OeBS directories
  • Identify and develop/modify gateways between MTS OeBS and legacy MCTN systems
Output of projects:
We have achieved integration with 10 OeBS modules, developed and approved protocols for testing gateways, completed the final work on combining the reference books of the MCTN SAP accounting system with the reference books of the MTS ERP domain, and held training seminars for users.
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