Technical support of the resource management system for multiservice networks based on the Oracle Metasolv Solution platform
To provide technical support after the implementation of an industrial system for infrastructure management.

The implementation of the network infrastructure management system has helped "Rostelecom" automate and support the company’s key processes in the face of growing number of subscribers and expanding network architecture.

Technological base consists of products from the Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution range. These products are focused on working with a wide range of services and have high scalability.
The system was created to support the operator’s key business processes
System tasks:
  • Network planning and accounting
  • Execution of applications
  • Network design and optimisation
  • Service activation
Project results:
The system was put into commercial operation in all macro-regional branches of Rostelecom. Our company worked on this project under a contracting agreement.
The single system allows the operator to:
  • Maintain a centralised record of physical and logical network resources
  • Reduce the terms of service activation
  • Reduce the proportion of erroneously completed orders
  • Manage orders for the provision of services to subscribers
  • Reduce losses resulting from equipment downtime by integrating the new system with Fault Management systems
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