Implementation and support of dispatching of ambulance vehicles in the Altai Krai
To increase the speed and efficiency of ambulance services thanks to quick reception and processing of calls, as well as providing dispatch personnel with complete and reliable information about the state of the field crews at any time.

The solution that we implemented at the end of 2015 is an automated system that covers all the activities of the ambulance service.

Data is automatically sent from the operator to the dispatcher, who sends the nearest team to attend an emergency.
Information about the location of the ambulance is displayed in real time on the OpenStreetMap map service; the company vehicles are equipped with GLONASS technology.

The ambulance team also works in the system using mobile devices. The driver can plan the best route taking into account the traffic situation, and a doctor or a paramedic can fill out a call card based on the service results from the tablet.
Project tasks:
  • Conduct a pre-design survey of all the implementation facilities
  • Conduct trial operation of the solution at the implementation facilities
  • Develop a technical project
  • Collect and eliminate user comments
  • Provide technical support
  • Consult personnel at the facilities
  • Provide instructions on how to operate the system
The region has received an information system that comprehensively automates all the processes of providing emergency medical care, which makes it possible to monitor and analyse the operation of ambulances throughout the region.
населенных пунктах
ambulance stations are equipped with a cloud dispatching system
in 58
has been increased
Labour productivity of ambulance service personnel
by 20-30%
times has been reduced
The time for preparing reporting and reference documentation
by 2-3
In addition, the costs of staff maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle fleet have decreased.
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