Development of a unified information system for the provision of state and municipal services
To reduce administrative barriers, optimise and improve the quality of the provision of state and municipal services, including those provided by MFCs, and to reduce customer costs.

Since 2015, a single platform has been operating in Moscow Region that helps automate the activities of all participants in the process of providing services, save them from paperwork, control the process of providing services and make it easier for citizens to receive them.

As a result of the implementation of the Unified Information System, the activities of multifunctional centres (MFCs) and employees working in the field of state and municipal services were automated.

The system is used in more than 100 MFCs in 68 municipalities of the Moscow region. In addition, about 200 officials from all over the region were trained appropriately.
After the implementation of the system, we were engaged in its support and development. In particular, we examined new objects to be implemented to the MFC module and conducted training for their employees.
the number of overdue services decreased
From 80% to 10%
MFC receive on average applications per day
Over 20 000
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