Unified technical accounting system
«Teploset of Saint Petersburg» JSC is one of the largest heat and power enterprises in the city
To optimise the work of "Teploset of Saint Petersburg" JSC so that the company can accurately keep technical records, plan the reconstruction of heating networks.

The organisation operates as property about 700 km of trunk pipelines and about 2,500 km of intra-quarter networks in eleven administrative districts of Saint Petersburg, ensuring the transfer of 50% of the city’s heat energy.

In 2015, we made a survey of all business processes of "Teploset", including the most important ones — technical accounting and bookkeeping during construction, reconstruction and transfer of heating networks to the balance.

Based on the results of the survey, we offered the client to develop a unified system that would consolidate information about all technical accounting objects and would ensure uniformity of data on technical accounting and bookkeeping at the parent company and directly in the districts/on sites.

To optimise the work of "Teploset", we launched a project, the roadmap of which included the creation of a unified classifier of technical accounting objects of the company and a system where it would be possible to store all accounting data, as well as view reports and analytics.

In addition, all data from existing information systems had to be migrated to the new system.
Project tasks:
  • Design a database and software system for the implementation of the standard for the digital model of heating networks (DGM HN)
  • Implement the software shell of the information management system of "Teploset of Saint Petersburg" JSC
  • Migrate technical accounting and bookkeeping data from legacy systems to a unified one using an integration bus
The implemented solutions help to conduct online monitoring of applications and defects of heating networks, as well as optimise repair and leasing costs.
At the first stage, we created a unified classifier of technical accounting objects. This document describes all the entities of "Telploset": pipes, sensors, plugs, etc.

We also created a unified data model, technical accounting and bookkeeping processes for heating networks and a unified procedure for entering new data for all divisions of the company.

If the first stage concerned the creation of a well-developed data model, data input and classification, then the shell is a system in which the employees of "Teploset" work, enter data and keep technical records, can view reports and analytics on the history of data changes and download the appropriate reports.

The system has a geo-substrate: the employees can use the map of Saint Petersburg to see their objects in the context of the operational area with an accuracy of a centimetre. The map also shows the locations of subscribers who use "Teploset".

At the third stage, we created an integrated solution that made it possible to automatically transfer data to the new system from historical data, including geodata. We integrated our system with the historical system of technical accounting and booking system of "Teploset".

Now employees keep a transparent accounting of all objects within this system, and the company can accurately and precisely keep technical records, plan the reconstruction of heating networks, based on data on the location and service life of heating networks, plan the company’s costs for its subsequent insurance, and resale.
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