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Single technical accounting system

St. Petersburg Heating Grid, AO

is one of the largest heating supply companies of the city.

The company owns and operates around 700 km of trunk pipelines and around 2500 km of internal block grids in eleven administrative districts of Saint-Petersburg transmitting 50% of the heat used by the city.

In 2015, we conducted a survey of all business processes of St. Petersburg Heating Grid including the most important ones such as technical record keeping and accounting, reconstruction and heating grid ownership transfer.

Based on the results of the survey we proposed to the customer to develop a single system, which would consolidate information about all technical record-keeping facilities ensuring uniformity of technical and accounting data in the managing company and in the districts on sites.

Heating Grid we launched a project with a road map that included creation of a single classifier of the technical accounting items of the Company and a system for storing the accounting data and viewing the reports and analytics.

Additionally, it was necessary to perform migration of all data from existing information systems to a new system.


Optimization of the work of JSC St. Petersburg Heating Grid to enable the company to perform accurate technical record keeping, plan reconstruction of heating grids.


  • Designing of a database and software system for implementation of the heating grid digital model standard (HGDM).
  • Introduction of the software shell of information management system of JSC St. Petersburg Heating Grid.
  • Migration of data technical and accounting data from legacy system into the single system using integration bus.
Project results

At the first stage of the project, we created a single classifier of technical record keeping items. This document describes all essential parameters of St. Petersburg Heating Grid assets: pipes, sensors, plugs, etc.

We also created a single data model, technical record keeping and accounting processes and single regulation for entry of new data for all company's departments.

The first stage was related to creation of clearly defined data model, data entry and classification while the shell is a system where employees of St. Petersburg Heating Grid work, enter data and keep technical records, view reports and analytics covering the history of data changes and can upload data reports.

The system is linked with a map: the employees can view their assets on the map of Saint-Petersburg with a centimeter precision. The map also displays locations of customers of St. Petersburg Heating Grid.

At the third stage, we created an integration solution, which allowed for automatic transfer of data in the new system from historic data including geodata. We integrated our system with the legacy system of technical record keeping and accounting system of St. Petersburg Heating Grid.

Now employees keep end-to-end records of all assets and the company can precisely and clearly keep its technical records, plan reconstruction of heating grids based on the information about location and service life of the heating grids, plan the value of the company for its subsequent insurance, re-sale.

The deployed solutions help to conduct online monitoring of applications and defects of heating grids and to optimize repair and leasing costs.